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As a result of a radical transformation of a dilapidated 100-year old Wicker Park warehouse, the building found on Chicago’s Landmarks Milwaukee Avenue District was renewed and reused to a full-service restaurant, bar, and large versatile event space that occupies up to 500 guests. On a typical day, the operation transforms itself from a butcher shop and deli during the day to an all out American bar and eatery at night. All of which happening at the same time, the 1st Ward Event space caters to a wide gamut of social events. Ranging from but not limited to concerts viewings of sporting events and movies, open markets, corporate or private outings, the final result is a reinvented building that metamorphosis’s itself as needed depending on the dining and entertainment being provided at a given time. Chop is a fun experiment in fine dining mixed with an innovative bar. A little bit edgy with a fine dining sensibility that appeals to a palate that begs for more. Chop is still unpretentious and that’s what makes us feel like home.

Dacre & Youngquist Archieture and Interior Design Chicago, IL Chop Shop

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