Keith Youngquist

Hi there and thanks for stopping by! My foray into architecture and design started at a very young age. My architect father used to take me along on project site visits and I was fascinated to watch buildings being meticulously assembled. My career path was locked in at age 5. After graduating from the University of Illinois I became one of the youngest licensed architects in the State and co-founded Aumiller Youngquist, P.C. at the age of twenty-six. While at AYPC my partner and I each received the Platinum Circle Award for lifetime achievement in Hospitality Design. Thirty years, two offices, and thousands of projects later, it is time to get back to a more intimate relationship with my chosen profession.

Dacre & Youngquist, LLC is the next step in allowing me to do just that. I am stimulated and excited when I see a client talk about their project goals and immediately begin to think of ways to achieve the highest success with their program. I am not a problem solver, as there is rarely ever a real problem. I am a solution’s expert. The solution is always there, it just needs to manifest itself in a way that everyone can embrace. I maintain licenses in 20 States as you never know where the next great client may be hiding. If that client should be you, I cannot wait to meet and hear about what keeps you up at night. I have a solution for that!

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